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Use our design tool to customise Mens Smugglers, Womens One Piece or Two Piece



Got something a little more specific in mind (Logos? Wording? Photos?) Hit us up with your best ideas and we'll mock up a preview for you

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Price?

    Varies from £25 to £40 per unit pending quantity. There's a £60 design fee for orders of 30 or less. Shipping is £10 per order (which includes all taxes and import fees!

  • Discounts?

    Yep! For bulk orders or large quantities. Just submit a request :)

  • Turn around Time?

    Around 4 weeks for production turnaround and delivery once the design and payment have been confirmed. Everything is made in our factory in Sydney, Australia and then shipped to us in London. 

    Minimum? Nope! Well, technically 1...

  • What design can I get?

    The possibilities are endless! If you can dream it, we can design it. We've done Smugglers and Smugglettes for proposals, Rugby clubs, Stag Do's, Netball Clubs, Army and Navy Units, Channel Swims, Birthdays, Anniversaries & more. 

  • Any More questions?

    Any more questions? Drop us a note at and our friendly team will be more than happy to help. 

  • We look forward to making your Smuggling dreams come true!