The World's Most Ordinary Rig 2023



The winner of Australia's Most Ordinary Rig Josh 'Clutzy' Clutterbuck after claiming the win in November 2022.


Saturday 4th November, 12-5pm. Ivy Pool Bar, Sydney.

Fellow Smugglers,

We are ready to crown the World's Most Ordinary Rig 2023. Wildcard entries will be open soon with more details to come.

All chosen finalists (10) will win an all expenses paid trip to Australia for them and a mate!

What can you win?

- The glory of the title 'World's Most Ordinary Rig'

- $10k AUD Cash Money (or £/€ equivalent)

- A 12 month Budgy Smuggler modelling contract

How do I enter?

- Just post a photo of you (or a mate) in a pair of Smugglers with #WorldsMostOrdinaryRig and @budgysmuggleruk 

- Photos should show some character/put a bit of a smile on the judges faces

Bonus points for likes/shares on social media

- Entires close midnight on Sunday 3rd September 

*Your profile must be on public or we can't see your entry!* 

What are the Judges looking for?

We want to smile and nod in appreciation at how beautifully Ordinary you are. 


Entrants should:

- Be good to have beers with The glory of the title 'World's Most Ordinary Rig'

- Be able to run for a taxi/swing an axe

- Carry all of the shopping in one go

- Look like they were good at sport at some point but their professional career was cut short by injury or poor coaching selection at a junior age

-A 6 pack is an automatic disqualification unless carried 

Key dates:

- Entries open: Tuesday 11th July

- Entries close: midnight Sunday 3rd September

- Grand Finale: Ivy Pool, Sydney, Australia on Saturday 4th November 

Is there a serious message behind the day?

Yeah, kinda.

We want young people to feel good about themselves. Phone use for Gen Z has from less than 30 minutes daily in 2012 to nearly 8 hours a day or 50 hours a week. It's leading to massive mental health issues for young people and we wanted to do something to counter the narrative that you need to be ripped/shredded to be loved.

Smugglers, may the most Ordinary Rig win!

Budgy Smuggler, are you Ordinary enough?

Yours in Smuggling,

Linny, Chief Smuggler

The winner of The UK's Most Ordinary Rig 2022: Matty Birbeck.

Absolute scenes in Hossegor, France in 2022 at France's Most Ordinary Rig ("Monsieur Ordinaire")

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