Why Athletes wear Budgy Smugglers...

People often ask us why athletes wear Budgy Smugglers...

We thought rather than answer this ourselves we’ll ask a couple of sportsmen and sportswomen about how they think Budgy Smuggler has helped...

"I have always been a Budgy Smuggler but the jungle really announced my love for them. Now I spend a lot of my time getting friends and family to join in!"

Mike Tindall - Ex England Rugby International and World Cup Winner

"Would we have won the Superleague in 2022 and then flown to Australia and won the World Club challenge later that year if it weren't for our Custom Budgy Smugglers? Hard to say, but almost definitely not."

Koni Hurrell - Rugby League legend

"Diving in Budgy Smugglers has taken me to new heights. Get it?"

Yona Knight-Wisdom - Jamaican Olympic Diver

"Budgy Smugglers have given me the security downstairs to make my career upstairs"

Jack Nowell - England Rugby player 

"These things are EPIC. I now have my own CUSTOM pair of FLURO Budgy Smugglers to swim in that literally glow in the dark! A limited range of Brobarian Budgy Smugglers I hear you say...?!"

Ross Edgley - Author, Adventurer and Record Breaker for World's Longest Swim

"Yes Tom has won World's Strongest Man twice, yes we are the World's Strongest Brothers, yes Luke has a baby on the way but these achievements pale to significance when compared to having our own Stoltman Brothers Smuggler range"

Tom & Luke Stoltman - The World's Strongest Brothers

"Since wearing them I've been hitting the ball a lot cleaner and I haven't been called 'champ' at training once"

Faf du Plessis - Former captain of South African National Cricket Team

Is it fair for us to take all the credit for World Records, Championships and exceptional human athletic achievement? No. 

But will we humbly do it anyway? Yes. 

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