RV.ONE Custom Smugglers

“Never above you, never below you, always by your side”

Introducing: RV.ONE 💙 

Requests for Custom Smugglers come in all shapes and sizes. We’ve whipped up Smugglers for proposals, baby announcements, Channel swims, charity runs, sports teams and more.

 We recently created bespoke Smugglers for RV.ONE, a community based in Exmouth, UK. They are on a mission to “rehabilitate the mind through functional fitness, creativity and adventure”. We spoke with Lee who is one of the 4 company directors alongside Tom Merriman, Luke Kelshall and Luke Wileman. Lee is a serving Royal Marines Commando and runs RV.ONE as a non-profit, community interest company. 

Lee, tell us about RV.ONE? 

RV.ONE was started in 2019 and is built on military foundations with the intention of helping everyone. We promote a diverse and inclusive environment with the hope that everyone will feel comfortable whilst in our classes. We conduct group fitness classes for mixed abilities focusing on teamwork, leadership, and communication whilst understanding that every team member has strengths and weaknesses.  

Where did the name RV.ONE come from?

RV is an abbreviation of ‘rendezvous’ which means a meeting between two or more people at an agreed, time and place. RV.ONE is considered the first checkpoint in any journey. RV.One focuses on social interaction and outdoor activities. We provide a safe platform for people to talk about their mental health and daily struggles. We don’t just talk; we listen and act on what we hear. Communicating is a basic life skill, and it’s the basics done well that allow us to do what we do. Never Above You, Never Below You, Always By Your Side. 

Where did the idea to get Customs come from and why did you choose Budgy?

I created a set of custom Budgy Smugglers for 40 Commando Royal Marines prior to the unit (c.600 personnel) deploying to the Mojave Desert, California in 2000. We were literally 'blown away' with both the service and product. So it was a no-brainer when we wanted a statement piece for our RV.ONE clothing line... BUDGY SMUGGLER! The Budgy Smuggler brand has values and an attitude we resonate with. So it was an obvious choice. One of RV.ONE's trademarks is bright and wonderful colours so the bright, tie-dye design fit perfectly. The design was also a request from the vast majority of our RV.ONE community. 

What’s in store for RV.ONE?

Another annual British 24hr 3 Peaks Challenge, our Annual Commando Beach Assault, supporting Community need projects and Bear Grylls Gone Wild Festival. 

If you want to get involved with the RV.ONE community, check out their website or instagram.

If you want to get Custom Smugglers made, please get in touch ❤️ 

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