The Pioneers of Budgy Smuggler in France

The Pioneers of Budgy Smuggler in France

Matt Giteau, Adam Ashley-Cooper & Drew Mitchell

The pioneers of Budgy Smuggler in France were the three amigos: Matt Giteau, Drew Mitchell and Adam Ashley-Cooper.

No Pants, No Problem. Smuggling Pioneers Adam Ashely Cooper with the great Thierry Dusautoir, and smuggling pioneers Matt Giteau and Drew Mitchell flying into France. Nearly 300 Test Caps  and 85 pairs of Budgy Smugglers between them. 

The boys arrived in France to play rugby and in the words of Adam Ashley-Cooper "the reaction to my smugglers was 'super bon'. It wasn't long before players from almost every Top 14 club were reaching out to me about them and soon repping Budgy with their own French flare. 

The French appreciate quality and love fun... Budgy Smuggler represents both in a single product/brand. I'm not surprised it's doing well in France".

Bryan Habana at the Manly Store with GM Brenden Hartmann and Chief Smuggler, Adam Linforth. How bad are the shorts Adam 😢

It was around this time that we started to see some rugby greats like Bryan Habana as well as local players like JB Dubie and Nans Ducuing smuggling with us. They would go on to become some of the closest friends of the brand. 

JB & Nans during a very, very professional photoshoot...

What we love most about this is that there's a community being built around smuggling together... people from all over the world coming together to free the thighs of the world. 

Thank you everyone who is joining us on this mission... and especially the pioneers in France.

We salute you!

With love,

The Budgy Crew x

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