3 Reasons to wear Smugglers


1. Quality

When it comes to Smuggling your Budgy, there can be no compromise on quality. Our fabric is the next best thing to being naked. That's why some of world's best athletes wear Smugglers. 

2. Made in Australia

All of our Swimwear is proudly made in our factory in Sydney, Australia. Our manufacturing team is led by Arnold, an 80 something year old who has perfected the art of making swimwear across a career working for Speedo and now the very best in Budgy Smuggler (in our humble opinion). We love Arnold. 

Chief Smuggler Adam Linforth with Master Maker Arnold Makhlin and his beautiful wife and partner in Smuggling, Mila.

3. Freedom

Once you free your thighs, you'll never look back. 

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