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    • Men's Smugglers

    • Women's Smugglettes

    • Bucket Hats

    • Scrunchies

    • Activewear (Shorts)

    • Towels


    What's the price?

    The price varies pending quantity but the more you order the cheaper they are!

    Mens start from £42 and Womens pending on style are similar.

    There is a £30 non-refundable deposit for orders under 10 pairs. For orders over 10 pairs the £30 will be deducted from the final invoice.

    Our DIY Builder has no design fee and is great for orders between 1-10 pairs.

    Do you offer discounts?

    Yes! For bulk orders or large quantities. Just submit a request :)

    Design fee is waived at 5 pairs.

    What's the turnaround time?

    Around 3-4 weeks for production turnaround and delivery once the design and payment have been confirmed.

    Do you have a minimum?

    Nope! Well... technically just one :)

    Our design fee of £30 is waived at 10+ orders, or you can use our DIY Builder which has no design fee for single pairs.

    Which designs can I get?

    The possibilities are endless! If you can dream it, we can design it.

    We've done Smugglers and Smugglettes for proposals, Rugby clubs, Stag Do's, Netball Clubs, Army and Navy Units, Channel Swims, Birthdays, Anniversaries & more.

    Unfortunately we can't customise make partnership or licensed designs such as RFU/WRU, artists etc.

    Where are they made?

    All our swimwear, towels, buckets hats and scrunchies are all made in Australia, in our Sydney factory.

    Can I get one of your existing stock designs on a different cut?

    Yes you can. Its on a £10 fee on top of the garment price.

    How do I get started?

    It's simple! You've got two options:

    1. Use our DIY Budgy Builder (great for orders of between 1-10 units)

    2. Fill in the form and one of our designers will be in touch about bringing your idea to life (better for orders of 10+ pairs)