Photo Competitions

Win your own billboard OR design your own Yacht Week!


Smuggling is a joy we all share.

While the joy of smuggling is enough alone, in 2017 we have a couple of competitions for those who capture magical moments in smugglers.

These are our annual Budgy Smuggler Photo of The Year and the #BudgyTeamChallenge.

The prizes are pretty decent. For Photo of the Year you can win a billboard of the photo in any city in the world you choose. For winning the #BudgyTeamChallenge, you get the chance to design your own Yacht Week anywhere in the world for you and 9 mates. You pick the route and with our friends @thebucketlust we’ll sort the skipper, logistics and yacht.

Both Smugglers AND Smugglettes AND a combo of both are eligible.

This could be you... but the Billboard anywhere from Rio to Mt Isa.

The full details are below.

It's time to get Smuggling!


Budgy Smuggler Photo of the Year

Win your very own billboard!

Over the years we have been fortunate to have some of the most epic photos taken by Smugglers & Smugglettes all around the world. 

After the success of inaugural billboard in Mount Isa featuring Australia's Most Ordinary Rig, Dingo Dan Leydon, we thought we needed to expand our billboard stock.

The winner of 2017 Photo of Year will have their own billboard in ANY* CITY IN THE WORLD THEY CHOOSE. We don't care if you want it in a sleepy suburb, an outback town or major city, although the smaller the town the bigger the billboard we can afford :)

How to Enter:

- Take a photo in Smugglers / Smugglettes and upload to Instagram/Facebook

- Tag #BudgySmuggler and or #Smugglettes in the caption

- Tag @BudgySmuggler or @Smugglettes in the actual picture

- The photo should make the viewer give a nodding appreciation 

- Bonus points for bringing a smile to peoples faces

- Entries breaking the law or likely to cause cultural offence won't be considered. #SmuggleResponsibly.


The #BudgyTeamChallenge

Design your own Yacht Week route for you and 9 mates OR $10k (AUD) to contribute to an existing route. 

The #BudgyTeamChallenge is going to new levels. We've teamed up with The Bucket Lust, a team responsible for creating some of the most epic sailing routes in the world to offer you a reasonably memorable prize.

How to enter:

- Take a photo of you and 4 mates or more in Smugglers / Smugglettes and upload to Instagram/Facebook

- Tag #BudgyTeamChallenge 

- Tag @BudgySmuggler and or @Smugglettes 

- Tag your team. We will be very liberal with what a 'team' is and will extend this to any group that has committed to entering some form of organised competition at some point of time in the past 12 months.

This could be you and your fellow smugglers.

Judging Criteria:

- The photo should make the viewer give a nodding appreciation.

- Bonus points for bringing a smile to peoples faces

- Bonus points for Likes / Shares / Comments on Social Media

- Entries breaking the law or likely to cause cultural offence won't be considered. #SmuggleResponsibly

Entries Close October 31st, 2017 with Winner selected Mid November 

A top 2 will be selected each month who'll go into a top 14. The final winner will be decided 50% by online votes and 50% by a panel to be announced by Budgy Smuggler. A fair play policy applies to the votes and if it looks like you've figured out a way to get robots to vote for you for you'll be disqualified.

More info about the prize...

We'll connect you with the team at The Bucket Lust. They want to take your ideas, your dreams, your bucket-lists, add their supercharging-special-sauce and turn them into a reality. Wherever it takes us, whatever the challenges, they are gonna make it happen.

Budgy Smuggler will meet the costs of a skipper to sail, a host/hostess to help with meals and keeping the boat shmicko as well the hire cost of the boat. This likely be in the $10,000 AUD for the week for a crew of 10. You'll be able to organise as many additional boats as you want at cost.

If this option doesn't suit, then we'll contribute up to $10k AUD towards an existing route or your own sailing event / an event for your team.

You will be responsible for getting to the location, the deposit for the boat and petrol / mooring fees. Mooring in Nice at the peak of summer will be a little more dear than Bonnydoon in Winter.


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