2022 Budgy Christmas Jumper

2022 Budgy Christmas Jumper

It's the most wonderful time of the year

All Mariah actually wants for Christmas is you in a Budgy Christmas Sweater...

Back in 2017 we landed on British shores with one mission: to Free the Thighs of Northern Hemisphere. We also wanted to enjoy the sunny weather and beaches... 

We came armed with Smugglers and Smugglettes, a Bucket Hat here, a Stubby cooler there. However when Winter rolled around, we soon realised that there was one thing missing from our artillery of Smuggling kit; our own contribution to the Christmas cheer, a splash of Smuggling spirit: a Christmas sweater. 

As a fashion brand, we took this responsibility seriously. Over the years we have spent hours brainstorming, designing, sampling and testing... Allow us to talk you on a walk down memory lane.

Which brings us to 2022. 

We asked our designers, "What inspired the 2022 Budgy Smuggler Christmas Sweater look?".

Jack: "This has been a passion project since birth. It’s always the most anticipated internal project for us and each year we try to outdo ourselves.  It’s not always easy to pull Christmas inspiration in March but not impossible… 

After a couple of turkey and pigs in blankets sandwiches, Elf on the tv and Bublé and Mariah on repeat we were ready to get to work.  

They said it couldn’t be done… they said we were crazy… they said just stick to swimwear! But we went ahead and made the impossible, possible. We removed the sleeves of a Christmas jumper!”

Chris: "We wanted to push the boundaries of what was possible, while remaining true to our Smuggling values. When deciding between a Sweater and a Vest, I thought of Tacos and a question popped into my head: 'Porque no los dos?' The iconic duo, the Sweater and the Vest were born". 

Allow us to introduce to you the 

2022 Christmas Sweater and Vest:

Enjoy these tasty treats as they won't be around for long.

From all of us here at Budgy Smuggler,

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